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We don’t often think about drinking tea as a sensory experience. Yet, when you have a glass teapot in your life, it’s hard not to. Enjoy the magic of loose leaf tea as you watch it brew to perfection in your Nicola teapot. Escape the day. Be enchanted.

Material: Glass
Size: L: 18.5 cm - W: 13.8 cm - H: 11.0 cm - Vol: 0.77 L / 26.00 fl. oz.
Use instructions: Dishwasher safe - Not for use on stove top - Microwave safe


Can I use the teapot without the infuser?
Of course! The infuser can be removed for easy cleaning or to brew your tea directly in the body of the teapot. The choice is entirely up to you.


How much tea does this teapot make?
This 770 ml teapot will make three large cups of tea. It’s perfect to share with a friend or to indulge on your own.

What types of tea are best to brew in this teapot?
This teapot is ideal for all kinds of tea. We highly recommend using it for black teas, as the water transforms into a lovely golden colour. Green tea and floral tea also work particularly well. If you’re feeling adventurous, the glass infuser means brewing finer leaf teas like Japanese Sencha are also highly successful.


Is it difficult to remove the infuser once the tea has reached ideal intensity?
The glass infuser is very easy to remove. Simply lift it out when your tea is ready, replace the lid and pour with ease.

What are the advantages of a glass teapot?
Drinking tea is already feast for the senses. The warmth of a fresh cup in your hands, the earthy smell of the leaves, and of course the wonderful flavours of your favourite blend. Having a glass teapot adds a whole new dimension of enjoyment by being able to see your tea coming to life. Watch the colours change and deepen as the aromas build and your tea reaches its perfect intensity.

Designed For Tea

Maximise your infusion 
for better taste, aroma color 
and ultimately enjoyment
Designed in Scandinavia

Elegant, modern, balanced
clever, creative and functional
Steeped in good taste
Uniquely Crafted

Carefully hand crafted by skilled artisans Using selected materials